Telehealth is telehealth, right?

TCC offers a digital, forward-looking remote ICU service solution in terms of ehealth enabling hospitals to ensure the highest quality of care in the ICU. The Patient health and staff satisfaction are our main goals. Today, telemedicine is a generic term and often used to describe digital health technology such as video consultations that are offered by general practitioners or video rounds offered by university hospitals.

At TCC, we interpret telehealth in a new, forward-looking way, by offering 24/7 remote digital intensive-care services while processing real-time high-frequency data for AI-guided prediction of the patient’s medical course, enabling TCC to provide a new, proactive method of preventive treatment. The unique combination of telemedicine consultation by trained intensivists and the latest state-of-the-art technology at TCC results in standardized, guideline-based powerful medical solutions 24/7, with very flexible service options.


Can’t get the staff?

'Staff shortages in all healthcare departments are nothing new. What is new is that the deficiencies that have long been endured are now coming to light and creating noticeable gaps. The helplessness of all health services is striking. But the key is simple and reflected in the benefits of telehealth. Connect new technologies meaningfully with the needs of nurses and physicians to close gaps, plan resources into the future and make workplaces digital and attractive again. Don’t replace, complement by tele ICU. So that the medical professionals can return to the bedside, to their patients. That is what they want, no more and no less.

Staff (physicians/nurses) is passionate about taking care of patients and they feel responsible for them; A high workload, staff shortages and burnout are the current problems; less time at the patients' bedside.'

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Does better tech (AI) mean better care?


New technologies such as artificial intelligence will enable clinicians to deliver a data-driven telehealth therapy. However, AI will never replace humanity and personal care at the bedside. Therefore, better tech does not provide better care but, enables new methods of personal care.

Our partners


24/7 telehealth services

  • Highly trained intensivists
  • Highly trained ICU nurses
  • Other specialities such as pharmacology, dermatology …

Proactive support

  • To prevent deterioration our experts will notify the team at the bedside proactively
  • As there is no such stress at TCC as is 'normal' for the ICU, we can stay focused on all incoming information, identifying what needs attention


  • Standard protocols (SOP)
  • Following current guidelines
  • Best medical treatment at any time in any location
  • SOP will be aligned with your local flow

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Can AI in ICU improve forecasting in other areas?

'Predictive healthcare analytics are the future of personalized medicine to improve patients’ health and maximize disease prevention. This field has shown recent breakthroughs in decision-supporting artificial intelligence. Intelligent systems will provide evidence-based, patient-individual decisions, to reduce unexpected complications, uncover undiagnosed disease and help to create a tailored therapy path for every single patient.

Further applications are patient motivation and adherence, therapy quality improvement and improvement of administrative procedures with cost reduction. TCC uses machine learning, such as artificial neural networks, to create algorithm-based artificial-intelligence solutions, based on big data gathered from many patients.'

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Collaboration between hospitals and TCC


We take care

Privacy of patient data via ISO certification and Telekom cloud based in Germany

Support with decisions via virtual telehealth such as consultative exchange
Relief without loss of control

Contract/strategy, implementation, go-live/service


Forward-looking digital concept

High quality of intensive care at all locations
PDMS first-line IT service via TCC
Enhanced economy

Less fluctuation, less burnout, fewer external workers

Analytics, publication


Prof. Dr. med. Christian Storm

Specialist in Internal Medicine, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine


Dipl. Betriebswirt David Barg

Managing Partner
Nurse Practitioner & Paramedic


Dr. Alexander Krannich

Head of Analytics & Data Science
Datascience, Machine Learning, Clinical trial


Dipl. Ing. Christian Siewert

Head of IT, specialist in IT, digital strategy, data security, graduate engineer of computer science

Who’s doing the work?

We have an exceptional founder - and management-led team, with more than 40 years of experience in the relevant fields of the healthcare industry and corresponding medical expertise. Together with our biostatisticians, we are developing medicine for the future with the help of artificial intelligence … everywhere.

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